Benefits for your organization

Robust certificate of insurance tracking system that scans, reads, captures and organizes items automatically.

CTrax certificate of insurance tracking solution improves workflow and decreases time spent on risk mitigation.

Protect your WC and GL Loss ratio and prevent premium rate increase within one insurance tracking solution.

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About Ctrax

Abandon Your Stress

The powerful features you’ll find in CTrax will automate your COI requests, tracking and compliance management.  Our user-friendly interface allows you to simply drag and drop your files, while our system does all the tedious labor for you.  Best of all, our dashboard provides status alerts and intuitive navigation to always keep you in control of your risks.


A Better Way to Manage your COIs and risks

The CTrax Certificate of Insurance tracking solution is the smart, comprehensive, cloud-based SaaS application that takes care of your COI entry, filing and management. It's fully autonomous — you just set it up and let it run. No in-house IT expertise needed; let CTrax do the heavy lifting. Turbo-charge your workflow by automating your COI files and renewals. Your files are accessible to you anytime, from anywhere.

CTrax will provide UP TO A 90% ROI!

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Here's what our community thinks

 Donna James-Spruce

Director of Risk Management


CTrax has allowed us to overcome manually updating a spreadsheet to track expired COIs and saves us so much time to work on other things. The templates for compliance letters, automated emails, and coverage tracking are among the many features we value the most 

Laura Averill

Risk Management Insurance Tech


ALL my other vendors are in compliance, and this is the first time in AGES I actually have “free” time to work on other projects for the first time in years! 

Rick Kahler

Insurance Manager


“We are County government and switched our certificate tracking to CTrax last year and our compliance level has increased dramatically to about 80%. JDi’s level of service has exceeded our expectations…They provide excellent service and are flexible to meet your needs.”