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For Memorial Day we’re celebrating by giving a GREAT DEAL!

For new CTrax accounts, a 20% discount will be credited to companies that sign up this week.

Schedule your FREE CTrax Demo with a member of our sales team today!

For example, for the first year…

100 COIs will be processed for FREE if the account has 500 total certificates.

200 COIs will be processed for FREE if the account has 1000 total certificates.

400 COIs be processed for FREE if the account has 2000 total certificates.

Ditch the spreadsheets

Keep all of your information in one spot that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. We’re able to achieve 99.5% accuracy when managing certificates of insurance by using leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Once CTrax extracts the information, our team verifies it manually, giving you extra confidence in the system.

  • Automate Your Work - The two-step smart capture OCR process achieves 99.5% accuracy when reviewing COIs 
  • Forget the Paper Chasing - Automatic notifications of Renewal Emails and Compliance Alerts
  • Get organized – Effortlessly group COIs by a project to conveniently manage and track vendors over time.
  • Transparency to All Departments to View Compliance - Comprehensive COI library with Unlimited User Profiles 


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