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Our biggest discount of the year!

2020 is almost over and that is worth celebrating! We made it through record-breaking bushfires in Australia, a tumultuous U.S. Election, and a tragic pandemic that continues to plague the world around us…. We are grateful that this eventful chapter is coming to a close.

To celebrate the end of 2020 we’re giving a 20% discount to new CTrax accounts that sign up between today until January 22, 2021.

Schedule your FREE CTrax Demo with a member of our sales team today!

For example, for the first year…

100 COIs will be processed for FREE if the account has 500 total certificates.

200 COIs will be processed for FREE if the account has 1000 total certificates.

400 COIs be processed for FREE if the account has 2000 total certificates.

Empower your workforce. With CTrax, you can finally free your certificate of insurance operations from potential human error and access your important documents any time, anywhere from the cloud- reducing hours of work into minutes.

    • Two-step smart capture OCR process achieves 99.5% accuracy when reviewing COIs
    • Automatic notifications of Renewal Emails and Compliance Alerts
    • Comprehensive COI library with Unlimited User Profiles
    • User-friendly and fully customizable designed to mitigate risk in contracts involving third parties

Transfer the risk to vendors!

Protect your organization from being vulnerable to a costly uninsured or underinsured loss!

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