Manually filling Certificates of Insurance is a NIGHTMARE!

  • Are you still living in the dark ages of bulky fragile paper files?
  • Where is a new certificate supposed to go? How do you manage your COIs?

It doesn’t take a large investment to properly manage your risks. All you need is CTrax.

CTrax accurately analyzes insurance compliance requirements identifying exceptions. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping your COI files and letting CTrax do all the heavy lifting with 100% accuracy. Efficiently upload and access data anytime from the cloud reducing operating costs.

You can get a return on your investment up to 90%.

Your files are accessible by you at any time from anywhere. Hey, this is the 21st century so why waste your time filing folders alphabetically then constantly hunting for them when it’s time to renew and how safe are they really?

What would you do if something would happen to all that paper? One fire could seriously impact your business. Now is the time to transition to paperless COI tracking.

Don’t expose yourself and your insurer to potential liability.

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