At JDi, we believe that the possibility of human error is a greater risk to your company than proven software using automation. For over 30 years our team has created technology that redefines how organizations work. Listening to the needs of our clients led us to create a solution that is intuitive and leads the way in innovation.

The History of CTrax: 

JDi has always been at the forefront of innovation using automation and the fourth product in our suite of software offerings has proved to be no different. CTrax was developed to work in direct relation with our Vendor Cost Control and Claims Manager systems, to effectively organize Certificates of Insurance within complex litigation. Initially the software was developed for one insured, one policy and for one situation, but as our client’s needs expanded, we expanded the software’s capabilities.

Working with insurance industry leaders we created software that fills in the gaps in a complicated workflow where COIs can be uploaded using automation and organized on a per-project basis where multiple insured are participating in a single project. 

male executive using glass digital tablet

The Future:

To this day, those who helped create our CTrax system are still using the software to track and manage their COIs and mitigate their risks. That speaks to the power and performance of the solution. Public entities, construction companies, real estate and real estate management companies all work with Certificates of Insurance and are all beginning to use our software as a pathway to growth through automation. As we continue to research, develop and gain feedback from our customers, we will continue to create software solutions that transform organizations through innovation and automation.