What Are A.M. Best Ratings, and Why Are They Important

What Are A.M. Best Ratings And Why Are They Important FEATURED

When comparing insurance options, the dependability of the providers must be taken into account. Only buy insurance from a company with a history of paying claims and the money to keep doing so in the future, if necessary. It is hard to judge the financial viability of a corporation on your own. Credit rating organizations […]

Advanced Certificates of Insurance Portal

Advanced Certificates of Insurance Portal

When it comes to physical document storage, many things can go wrong: you can slip and forget about specific records, document dates, and other relevant data, papers can get accidentally destroyed or lost, information could be incorrectly inserted, etc. Everyone wishes to avoid this, and the best way to do it is to automate and […]

Improving Your Response Rates with COI Tracking Companies

Improving Your Response Rates with COI Tracking Companies

Software & Services Accelerate COI Protection Partnering with COI Companies Will Help Improve Your Response Rate. In today’s volatile insurance market, companies have a greater duty than ever to ensure risk protection is in place by managing the policy and coverage compliance limits outlined in a COI, naming you as the Certificate holder. Phone calls […]

CTrax – Certificates of Insurance Tracking System

CTrax Placeholder

We understand that many organizations need a modern platform system that promotes transparency and accountability across the enterprise. Based on our discussions and preliminary analysis, we are pleased to present two proposals reserved for many different types of business: Shared Services and a Software Solution (CTrax).  Shared Services and a Software Solution CTrax is proprietary […]

What is Certificate Tracking?

What is Certificate Tracking?

Certificate tracking refers to an automated system for keeping track of Certificates of insurance and other important documents through an automated system. This system manages details such as names, insured amounts and renewal dates for multiple projects and vendors at one time. The benefits of using an automated tracking system, is to allow for more […]

Tracking Your Organization’s Certificates of Insurance by Project


With automation and customization comes the ability to organize your Certificates of Insurance in a way in which makes the most sense for your business.  And to be honest, if total customization can’t happen with a software system meant to make your workflow easier, then how is it really helping you?  Many of our clients […]

How CTrax Ensures Customer Satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction plays a key role in the success of every business. That is why CTrax always tries its best to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and even exceed expectations. We always strive to improve our customers’ experience by designing tailormade services and solutions to meet their specific needs. Unlike other organizations, we […]

Property Managers Must Track Certificates of Insurance

Property Managers Must Track Certificates of Insurance INSURANCE SOFTWARE FOR WORKERS COMPENSATION

One daunting task is keeping records of contractors, tenants, suppliers, and vendors’ Certificates of Insurance in every property management company. It is time-consuming and tedious to ensure each certificate is verified and renewed on time. This is one of the top priority jobs for every property manager.  As a property management company, it is dangerous […]

Sophisticated Work Processing: What You Need to Know About COI Tracking Software

Sophisticated Work Processing: What You Need to Know About COI Tracking Software

Any business that deals with client onboarding know how important it is to keep track of their COIs, or certificates of insurance. COIs ensure that companies are protected from liability in the case of an accident or incident. However, keeping track of COIs can be challenging, particularly for businesses with many clients. Fortunately, several COI […]

Certificates of Insurance for Contractors

Certificates of Insurance for Contractors FI INSURANCE SOFTWARE FOR WORKERS COMPENSATION

What is a Certificate of Insurance for Contractors If you’re working as a contractor, most employers will require you to take out a contractor’s liability insurance policy, as it’s a normal requirement to carry out your business operations. Once you have purchased an insurance policy, you must get proof from your insurer (insurance company) that […]

CTrax Menu Item: Insureds – A Short Guide

CTrax Menu Item- -Insureds-A Short Guide

CTrax is an automated COI tracker that helps you manage your insurance certificates while storing them safely and providing easy access 24/7 from anywhere in the world. It was designed to be efficient, giving consumers complete control over rapidly accessing all of their insurance-related data. Your insureds are listed and easily manageable, while human error […]

Brief Guide to Settings Options on CTrax Software

Brief Guide To Settings Options On CTrax Software

Various settings options offered by our Certificate of Insurance tracking software make it an excellent solution for your business. We are proud to say that it is one of the most straightforward and user-friendly software for your business on the market. This software solution allows you to view and modify settings such as account details, […]

Guide Through the Template Management

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This guide will briefly elaborate on managing different templates using our Certificate of Insurance Software. It is an easy, simple journey with a few steps to help you navigate our software successfully. You can try out our live demo here. How to View/Modify Templates Step 1: Choose the “Admin” Option On the dashboard in the […]

How to Upload a COI

How to Upload a COI

Our CTrax solutions software provides you with a comprehensive view of your projects. Using the software, you can upload Certificates of Insurance to your desired project without fear of missing an essential component. It is a simple, user-friendly mechanism that provides various options besides this one and ensures you can track all your projects. How […]

How to Perform Compliance Using the CTrax Software

How to Perform Compliance Using the CTrax Software

Welcome to our simple step-by-step guide on how to perform compliance using our software. Successful compliance is achieved through the Certificate of Insurance tracking SaaS solution. The software is created to be fully autonomous and user-friendly while reducing manual processes. Being user-friendly also means that you do not need advanced IT expertise. One of our […]

How to Create, Search, Edit, and Export Projects

How to Create, Search, Edit, and Export Projects

Our CTrax solutions software offers you an excellent overview of your projects and COI tracking. You can create, search, edit, and export projects using the software. It is a straightforward, user-friendly mechanism that offers you various options and ensures you can track all your projects. In this brief guide, we will offer you steps to […]

Five Risk Management KPIs for Effective Contract Compliance

Five Risk Management KPI for Effective Contract Compliance

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measurements to evaluate success. It is a golden rule in business that measurable results can be managed. Therefore indicators represent an invaluable part of the process of running a business. People who deal with contract compliance daily and want to do their job efficiently state how measuring performance […]

User’s Experiences Before and After Using CTrax

User's Experiences Before and After CTrax_Eliminate Human Error -While Reducing Labor Costs

Every company has to deal with a certain amount of legal documents. They can be related to insurance, reinsurance, and third-party relations. Some businesses still rely on paper documents, meaning they must physically store and manage many data. If they wish to translate information to digital form, records must be filled manually, which requires a […]

All Types of Businesses That Enjoy COI Tracking!

FEATURED IMAGES SEPTEMBER All Types Of Businesses That Enjoy COI Tracking

No matter the type, every business will be susceptible to insurance, liability, or risk. Ignoring this fact increases the chance that the company will suffer losses, which could quickly become too much of an issue if not appropriately handled. Not only that, but your clients could lose interest. And who wants to stay short because […]