How Do I Read a Certificate of Insurance?

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Reading COIs is easy when technology is part of the equation. Reading a Certificate of Insurance can be difficult if you are not familiar with terms used in the insurance industry. Those responsible for reading, tracking and managing COIs within an organization are usually office managers and those working in the purchasing and risk management […]

Do I Need To Look At My Vendor’s Certificates of Insurance?

Is this a question that actually gets asked? Yes it is. Does it happen in your company? If so, you may feel better knowing that a lot of companies are in the same position of not looking at their COIs- ever. Even large corporations. But honestly, just because others are doing it doesn’t mean that […]

How to Track your Certificates of Insurance?

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Tracking your Certificates of Insurance is easy, when you have the right tools in place. Tracking your Certificates of Insurance should already be part of your business’ standard operating procedures, but how do you know which system to use? Not all systems are created equal. The best COI tracking systems allow for automation, customization and […]

JDi Data Corporation on Certificate of Insurance (COI) Coverage

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What is a Certificate of Insurance? A Certificate of Insurance (COI), or proof of insurance, is a document issued by an insurance agency or broker to a vendor/company providing the details of the insured’s coverage — policy name, dates, and the coverage’s basic terms — and is used to assert and verify insurance coverage under […]

CTrax can Automate ANY amount of COIs

Corporate insurance is one of the most important aspects of the successful development of any business. There are three main reasons for this: Employees feel more comfortable in your company when they know that their health and life are insured. In other words, they will be more willing to come to you, which means hiring […]

What is COI Coverage?

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Every Certificate of Insurance has multiple sections, the longest being the “Coverage” section. It is important to know how to read a COI, especially if you have one, or one is requested from you. COIs can be daunting since they hold a lot of information, but even with a little basic knowledge, you can go […]

How do you verify a COI?

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Having a Certificate of Insurance is truly important, but having a valid Certificate of Insurance is the key. When you request a COI from someone don’t just take a look and call it a day, but rather check if the content is legit. Insurance is expensive and many people, even companies think it’s smart to […]

What is a COI Software?

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In short: COI software is an efficient tool that helps you be more organized and saves you money, time, effort, and stress. However, many companies are still not informed about what a COI tracking is. In this article, we will dive into what COI tracking software is all about. A COI or Certificate of Insurance […]

What is a COI for the Delivery Industry?

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The process of delivery sounds like an easy process: your order gets packed, the delivery guy picks it up and delivers it to you. Simple, right? Well, actually, there is more than meets the eye.  What if your order or one of your valuables is damaged in transit? Who is liable for that? How are […]

Benefits Over Budget: How To Select The Right COI Tracking System

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Many organizations underspend on compliance. In fact, a Globalscape and Ponemon study found that, on average, only 14.3 percent of total IT budgets were spent on compliance last year, as opposed to 11.8 percent the year before. This change indicates that organizations are not spending as much on compliance as they should be. One of the expenses that […]

Falling behind on your COI tracking can harm your business


We know the pain. Ease it with CTrax: If you have been working for years in the Insurance industry like us, then you have probably sensed (more than once) that feeling of impending doom when you realize you have hundreds of certificates of insurance that still haven’t been correctly processed. To make things worse, if […]

Why Every Construction Business Needs COI Tracking


What is a Certificate of Insurance? A certificate of insurance (COI) is a document that is issued to a policyholder as confirmation of insurance coverage. The COI provides the core details of the insurance holder’s policy (name, dates, etc.), along with the basic terms of the coverage they’re set to receive. The policyholder is then […]

Government based COI tracking

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Tracking Certificates of Insurance is a tedious and exhausting job for any company, let alone a government agency. These agencies must make sure that all their workers are protected, no matter what job they signed up for. Even the teeniest jobs must be protected by insurers. Government agencies have hundreds, some of them even thousands […]

Stop Being a Dinosaur and Automate NOW!


How can you avoid being stuck in these fast-paced times? It’s no secret that we are living in a time where AI is a key component in our daily lives, being present in most of the products or services we use. We have reached such advances in this field, that nowadays more and more insurance, […]

The Importance of Tracking Your Contractor’s COIs


It’s no secret that tracking certificates of insurance (COIs) manually is a tiresome process. Due to this, many corporate and public entities tend to skip the procedure entirely and trust their contractor has the proper coverage. While it may seem like the easier route, in the long run, this could be costly for your organization. […]

Enterprise COI Tracking

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Insurance is a crucial part of life. Almost every company, no matter how big or small, runs the risk of liability or peril, just by existing. On that note, almost everything needs to be insured to avoid paying big money in the event of huge damages and other legal liabilities if a loss occurs, it […]

How accurate are COI tracking tools?

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To clarify and earn a full understanding of the answer to this frequently asked question, we first should understand what COI tracking is, and how it works. COI stands for Certificate of Insurance, and a COI tracking tool is simply a tool that helps track and manage these certificates. Tracking and managing these types of […]

What Is COI Tracking?

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Risks are very common and costly in any enterprise. You have to remember that accidents in industry, service, or business will always happen. Even if you spend a lot of time, effort, and money on providing a comfortable and safe environment, these incidents will still happen – due to safety violations or even human error. […]

COI Tracking Process

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Insurance is an integral part of any business. Not only does it act as a mechanism to protect your employees’ interests, but it also saves you from insurance claims, which can sometimes amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If your business is large enough, you can’t manage it without COI tracking, a system that […]

Who Needs COI Tracking?

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Risks are something you can’t avoid in any business – whether it’s construction, trucking, delivery of goods, or even cleaning. They are an integral part of any work process, and, of course, it is necessary to do everything possible to reduce their occurrence. This is important for companies that hire third parties to perform subcontracting. […]