CTrax - Certificate of Insurance Management Software image, blue background.

Certificate of Insurance Processing Software

CTrax is the most efficient cloud-based platform used to manage compliance and track insurance.

CTrax scans, reads, captures and organizes information automatically transforming the process of managing your certificate of insurance by integrating every aspect of your compliance review process.

  • You can also use CTrax by independently managing your COIs or by subscribing to CTrax plus services and letting insurance professionals handle the work.

CTrax offers a unique patented intelligent capture process. Automatically loads and organizes all the information from COI directly to “database” which eliminates manual entry to increase accuracy and save you time.

Don’t let expired COIs slip through your fingers, let CTrax track the expiration date of all the coverages of your vendors and automate the renewal request,

Easily schedule renewal requests and generate emails that quickly communicate with necessary parties about their policy status.

Monitor critical information such as compliance, requests, and coverage expiration dates through the configurable easy to use CTrax dashboard and keep all the information at your fingertips.

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