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It’s another beautiful day in the compliance department until you realize you’re missing one specific certificate of insurance. We all know that spiraling feeling when you’re staring at a stack of paper on your desk not knowing where to start. It’s like you’re right back in the stone age. 

How Does Certificate Of Insurance Processing Work?

Trying to maintain awareness of every COI accumulated can become overwhelming, making even the best organizations susceptible to fraudulent activity. Managing COIs can cost countless hours of manual labor, exhausting your workforce with needless frustration and inefficiency.

How can you avoid wasting precious hours of your day searching for certificates of insurance? The answer is CTrax. Move out of the stone age by moving your COIs to the cloud. The CTrax software virtually eliminates the need for manual intervention.

This software automatically scans and enters your COIs informing you of any missing or incorrect data. The system will even set automatic renewal alerts so you don’t miss a beat. Your data is then securely transferred and hosted in the cloud. The JDi team has award-winning customer service. We are dedicated to ensuring your success with CTrax.

Make sure to connect with us today to schedule a demo. Get out of the stone age with CTrax.

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