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Spend less time with Certificate of Insurance Tracking while simultaneously mitigating risk!

Using CTrax’s automated processes, the system alleviates users of the most common mistakes in COI document tracking.  Managing and reducing risk is crucial to every company- use CTrax to provide users with an error and worry-free state of mind.

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Why do I need CTrax for a Certificate of Insurance?

Protecting the liability of a company after dealing with a sub-par contractor is one of the many advantages CTrax offers through COI tracking software & management.  Being proactive in selecting a well-known provider or vendor ensures the automated workflow will run as smoothly as possible, as all parties distribute responsibilities towards the overall goal. CTrax adheres to the highest level of compliance to ensure your information and your vendors’ information is secure.

With a proven track record, CTrax delivers a high return on investment by lowering your risk exposure, reducing time spent managing COI’s, and cutting down operating costs for clients of all sizes.

Learn more about the benefits of managing risks by calling us at: (954)-938 9100

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