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The goal of all technology is to make life easier and more productive so that the human element can be better directed towards other complex and critical tasks. As a result of technology’s ever-increasing advancement, technology has continued to become more effective, efficient, and accessible.

The Cloud’ environment stands as a prime example of how proficiently technology has continued to evolve.  This is why JDi Data has embraced the cloud and has begun incorporating it into our current solutions -to continue making life better.

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Why Our Solution is Better in the Cloud

JDi’s latest product, CTrax, has proven that the evolution of the cloud is the way of the future for state-of-the-art applications.  In addition to being immediately accessible through a smart and easy-to-use browser-based interface, there are numerous other benefits that cannot be ignored.

Through our SLA-backed agreements, infrastructure updates and maintenance are completely eliminated from the solution, meaning it has zero downtime and can be accessed around the clock from any location with internet access.  In simple terms, the software is more reliable.

What Makes CTrax Special

CTrax is a revolutionary Certificate of Insurance (COI) tracking solution that is guaranteed to streamline work tasks, increase efficiency, and give you an unbeatable return on investment. It allows users to instantly access their entire library of COIs in a secure environment that will always be available.

The automated system allows users to pursue the day’s other duties while all of their certificates are tracked and maintained. Meaning, that users will never have another expired COI, as requests will be sent out to all vendors based on pre-established parameters with notifications delivered straight to your mailbox.

Meanwhile, the homepage keeps users up-to-date on everything that they need to know with an attractive and straightforward dashboard.

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