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The Autofill Component allows users to take a hands-off approach when managing Certificates of Insurance by accurately populating fields in an automated environment.

How Does Autofill Component Work?

This is accomplished through JDi’s proprietary OCR technology, which reads documents into the system so that it understands the information within each field.  The fields that require data input will be populated based on the predefined information that the user has previously recorded, which, the user must confirm before submission.

The only time that user input is required, is if the essential information was not provided to the program, or if the uploaded document is unsupported.  Once the user has confirmed the information, CTrax runs the COIs through its system in order to check their validity.

During this process, the program records all dates associated with the COI so that it can automatically provide reminders and submit requests (via email) to client holders on expiring certificates.  Upon receiving the renewed certificates, CTrax automatically files them into the system.

CTrax Features

The automated ability for CTrax to request, store, and update COIs requires minimal input from the user and allows for a streamlined workflow without interruptions.  Additionally, CTrax files and organizes all information into an intuitive system that is easily searchable.

And, each time the system updates a file or performs an action the user is instantly notified via email.  This eliminates the need for users to keep track of their certificates because CTrax is already doing it for them.

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