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CTrax was developed as the most effective solution currently available to help business entities successfully manage risk. CTrax is an insurance industry software product that was specifically created to increase productivity and lessen the time spent manual tracking Certificates of Insurance (COI). It is a cloud-based, user-friendly, intuitive, paperless, and economical solution that is meant to efficiently maximize the COI process.

The system was built to give users maximum control in overviewing all of their data in a simple and easy-to-use platform.  So that more time can be spent on more important tasks like developing company strategies, and less time is spent on tedious COI documenting.

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All About COI

One of the main ways that CTrax maximizes efficiency is by making all COI forms readily available.  Thereby reducing the hours spent manually combing through stacks of old COI forms, into mere seconds.  From the dashboard, the user can go into the documents section and find screenshots of all their readily available information.

Allowing users to access imperative data on the fly.  Thusly, users are never restrained by the system and can easily upload hundreds of COI forms all at once.

Automated COI Management

The paperwork involved with managing COIs is a never-ending process of review, request, renew, and receive.  CTrax’s purpose is to automatically manage these processes in an organized database that minimizes the time and effort required for handling COIs.

The system will generate automatic renewal requests for expiring certificates so that users never have to worry about storing inaccurate information in their system.  Also, when a user looks for a specific certificate, the policy number will always be displayed with both the effective date and expiration.  Therefore, CTrax effectively prevents and mitigates risk by allowing users to immediately check all vendors’ coverage dates and ensure that they are current.

What Type of Forms Can CTrax Handle?

CTrax can easily handle multiple types of COI forms, including:

COI 20 – Certificate of Aviation Liability Insurance
COI 21 – Certificate of Aircraft Insurance
COI 22 – Intermodal Interchange COI
COI 23 – Automobile COI
COI 24 – Certificate of Property Insurance
COI 25 – Certificate of Liability Insurance
COI 27 – Evidence of Property Insurance
COI 28 – Evidence of Commercial Property

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