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For 25 years, JDi Data has provided the best-in-class solution for managing the COI tracking process. Designed by industry experts for industry experts – CTrax is a game-changing SaaS solution to track and manage Certificates of insurance efficiently. 

It allows users autonomous COI processing cloud storage and easy access. It is designed and configurable to mitigate risk in contracts involving third parties. 

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Our premier software solutions transform day-to-day tasks into automated processes, saving your team valuable time and money. It improves compliance and transfers risk with simple but advanced features. 

Why CTrax? 

Since the first product launch in 1996, JDi Data has developed innovative solutions for professionals within the insurance, risk, and legal communities. Today, we continue to disrupt the marketplace with configurable and cost-saving products that address our clients’ most challenging technological needs. Our specialists are dedicated to providing clients with innovative solutions and customer-centric support.

Vendor insurance, contract requirements, additional insured, waivers, and endorsements are all indexed by the CTrax hierarchical structure in a small database for simple management. Using the framework, customers may quickly obtain various insurance certificates based on the vendors, industries they serve, or the kinds of coverage they need.

CTrax’s Advanced COI Processing Features

We work closely with our user groups to consistently revitalize and evolve our solutions – providing regular service enhancements and product updates. CTrax is the leading tool for companies looking to optimize their risk management processes.

Professionals in risk mitigation can easily upload and recover information because of the CTrax platform. Software for managing certificates of insurance has been shown to save operational expenses for clients of all sizes, but small company COI tracking is particularly crucial.

Here are the four advanced features that make COI management more accessible and faster than ever. 

  1. Two-step smart-capture OCR Process – achieves 99% accuracy when reviewing COIs – we dare you to compare that to our competitors!
  2. Automatic Notifications of Renewal Emails and Compliance Alerts – our automated hands-free renewals are a massive timesaver for your team.
  3. A Comprehensive COI library with Unlimited Users
  4. Reporting Dashboards to aid with real-time decision-making and process transparency – Ctrax tracks certificates and can also project compliance.


CTrax Autonomous COI Processing 1

Workflow Optimization

CTrax unites several essential processes and combines them so, in the final product, you get the best and easiest way of handling your certificates of insurance. 

When a vendor submits its COI, the system will use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to check it against the specifications for that particular vendor type. If the vendor’s COI does not meet the required limits or information, the system will automatically send a notification requesting vendors to update their COI. If, on the other hand, everything is ok, then the next step is archiving the document within the system. 

The CTrax database will produce a report of every COI about to expire. The verification procedure is repeated once the vendor provides the renewal certificate for the new term dates. 

CTrax Autonomous COI Processing 2

Feedback From Our Clients

The JDI team keeps up its efforts to boost corporate efficiency for our clients by automating time-consuming operations and minimizing manual procedures. We listened to our clients, examined their activities, found inefficiency gaps, and saw opportunities to improve workflow.

Donna James-Spruce, the director of Risk Management for Port of Corpus Christi, said: 

“CTrax has allowed us to overcome manually updating a spreadsheet to track expired COIs and saves us so much time…The templates for compliance letters, automated emails, and coverage tracking are among the many features we value the most.”

Laura Averill, a risk manager in tech insurance for Pinellas County, also shared her impression of CTrax: 

“ALL my other vendors are in compliance, and this is the first time in AGES I actually have “free” time to work on other projects for the first time in years!”

Rick Kahler, an insurance manager for Pinellas County, shared his experience: 

“We switched our certificate tracking to CTrax last year, and our compliance level has increased dramatically to about 80%. JDi’s level of service has exceeded our expectations…They provide excellent service and are flexible to meet your needs.”

The CTrax strategy distinguishes out because we strive to build genuine, enduring connections with our clients. Our commitment is to consistently offer the personalization required to enable business professionals to excel in their changing sectors.  

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