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We understand that many organizations need a modern platform system that promotes transparency and accountability across the enterprise. Based on our discussions and preliminary analysis, we are pleased to present two proposals reserved for many different types of business: Shared Services and a Software Solution (CTrax). 

Shared Services and a Software Solution

CTrax is proprietary software developed by JDi in coordination with senior risk professionals to ensure compliance and increase productivity. JDi maintains and supports all products locally at its Corporate Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale.

Shared Services is a fully outsourced model, reserved for bigger businesses and governmental agencies, even counties, in which CTrax would assign an Account Manager and team of insurance professionals to manage all aspects for gathering COIs from your vendors. JDi’s team would act as an extension of the Risk Department by adhering to the requirements under your direction.

What Services Does CTrax Include?

CTrax system offers several different services to your business. They positively impact the workflow and serve as a solid base for other essential business activities. 

  • Outbound Communications (Through a series of predefined emails and calls, your Account Manager will communicate with the vendor and/or agent to obtain a compliant COI. In the event of non-compliance, the staff would be notified.)
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Upload (Auto-populate all data fields (Vendor, Carrier, Producer, Project, etc.).
  • Accessible 24/7 Web-Based Platform
  • Defined Dashboards
  • Non-Compliance Alerts
  • Compliance Verification
  • Three Secure Portals (Provider, producer, and vendor)
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage


Additional Services CTrax Offers 

  • AM Best (An integration of AM Best Ratings either annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.)
  • Quarterly Policy Audit (At your request, your Account Manager will communicate with a provider(s) to ensure a policy is still active.)
  • Rush COI Requests (Ten Included Annually; In the event you require a COI as soon as possible, your Account Manager will prioritize and send out a request immediately.)


The Implementation

JDi will upload all active COIs, configure business rules, and create lines of businesses and applicable insurance requirements, in addition to custom features to improve workflow.

In the implementation are also included:

  • Training
  • Users and Vendor Personas
  • Email Templates
  • Standard and Custom Control Reports


About the Software

Utilizing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, CTrax allows users to automate tedious data entry required to manage COIs. All COIs will be stored in a digital library where users can perform a global search using any parameter, producing instant results.

JDi will provide support and training at no additional cost for the staff during the first year. Additional training can be held via webinar or onsite at your convenience. Commencing in year two, you will be allocated 20 hours of support and training annually.

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