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CTrax and Vendor Cost Control are a match made in heaven?

…At least that’s how CERTii feels this Valentine’s Day!

JDi’s Vendor Cost Control is a stunning instant reporting tool, designed specifically for complex financial litigation services. VCC tracks defense costs – both primary and additional insured – and allocates them to parties, such as developers, builders, subcontractors, and insurers.

calculator with a bill and a notepad next to it min scaled

VCC is transparent, openly sharing risk transfer information with CERTii ?, including how much each participant owes, invoices submitted, last payment received, and trust balance.

With Vendor Cost Control:

1. Get Paid QUICKER – Share allocation, risk calculation, and funding cycles ensure prompt payment

2. Transparency –Access to the cost-sharing matrix, view participant balance and summary reports in real-time within seconds

3. Stay in the Know – Get instant text or email for important matters (i.e., a check came in, a mediation was canceled).

Watch our free Construction Defect Informational Series

In the mini-series our Director of Vendor Cost Control quickly goes over:

Equitable Contribution

• Carrier Allocations

Split Billing

• Allocations and Recovery

Risk transfer involves compliant COIs – VCC is a complete solution when hooked up with CTrax! Fall in love with this year’s hottest couple – VCC and CTrax.

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