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Gone are the days of slicing your fingers on thousands of paper documents in an effort to organize and manage Certificates of Insurance.  These days, businesses should be taking advantage of the variety of software applications that can perform a company’s every need.

That is why CTrax is necessary for anyone who works long hours tracking and handling COIs, because it automates the entire process for hands-free management. Not only that, but the CTrax dashboard readily delivers all necessary information directly to your fingertips.

The CTrax Dashboard

The CTrax dashboard is a critical application feature that saves both time and money while mitigating risk.  It provides an easily accessible portal that allows for instant viewing of all relevant policy information.  By simply hovering over the high-level workflow station subsection, users can effortlessly select the category that they need for a quick overview.

There’s no need to spend hours of the day searching through rusty file cabinets when CTrax can show you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it.  The dashboard is completely customizable to user preferences and will notify users of expiring policies based on predetermined user configurations.

Ctrax dashboard

In addition to providing all necessary information, CTrax will also send automated renewal requests and update the received renewal with no user intervention.  Meaning, that policy updates can be accomplished hands-free.  Plus, users can access all COI forms and their relevant documentation through the certificate library at any time of the day, no matter what the location, as long as there is a secure network available.

And, through the mobile app that is available for both Apple and Android, users can even upload documents and send requests straight from their phone or tablet.  CTrax makes filing paper documents a thing of the past and allows users to finally go green with an automated tracking system that saves time and gives a return on investment.

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