Automate your work using proprietary OCR technology that will instantly read and populate your COIs in the system. Our certificate of insurance tracking software saves you and your workforce hours of manual entry.


Keep all of your information at your fingertips! Conveniently view all critical COI data with our configurable, easy-to-use interface.


Organize projects with confidence! Effortlessly group COIs by project to conveniently manage and track vendors over time. The ideal solutions for clients who use vendors across multiple assignments.


Our SaaS Certificate of Insurance Tracking solution provides unlimited access to your COI library from any secure computer or mobile device.


Don't let expired COIs slip through your fingers! Easily schedule renewal requests and generate emails that quickly communicate with necessary parties about their policy status.


Don't have time to be the middleman? Producers, Providers, and Vendors can upload Certificates of Insurance directly to CTrax and check the status of their COIs on file for on-the-spot verification.


logoStay up to date on your vendor information. CTrax syncs with AM Best interface, a well-known national company that rates insurers, letting you know which partners you can count on.


Jump into the digital world. Instantly import all of your Certificates of Insurance and supporting documents into the CTrax database. Batch uploading saves you time and risk when you are imputing a larger number of files.

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Increased Productivity

Employees can spend up to 15 hours a week manually tracking COIs – costing organizations unnecessary time and money. CTrax increases productivity – your employees will spend less time managing documents and more on risk mitigation. Users have absolute control to instantly view all their certificates of insurance information from any location. 

The CTrax platform permits risk mitigation professionals to efficiently upload and access data. Certificate of Insurance tracking software is proven to lower operating costs for clients of all sizes – but COI tracking for small business is especially important. Learn more and Realize your ROI – Gains up to 90%

One of CTrax’s premier features is the capture process – CTrax will read uploaded and scanned Certificates of Insurance. CTrax accurately analyzes insurance compliance requirements by comparing the scanned data with vendors certificate limits, identifying any exceptions. The CTrax hierarchy structure indexes vendor insurance, contracts requirements, additional insured, waivers, and endorsements in a compact database for easy management. The structure allows users to easily access multiple certificates of insurance according to vendor types, industries serviced, or types of coverage required.

Manage Risk

Minimizing exposure to risk is a key element of managing Certificates of Insurance. CTrax can help ensure that all risk exposures and lines of business are covered through automation. Through automated workflows, organizations limit any chance for human error. Updating and managing all information pertaining to certificates of insurance has never been easier.

Automate COI

CTrax reduces the time and expense necessary to properly manage certificates of insurance (COI). The autofill component provides a hands-off approach to the document management process. CTrax reads and comprehends documents scanned into the system, enabling all fields and blank spaces to get instantly populated with the correct information.

CTrax runs each Certificate of Insurance through the system to check their validity. During this process, the program records all of the dates associated with the certificates of insurance – this allows the system to provide automatic reminders and send out status emails. The system can also be configured to send out renewal requests to vendors. Upon return, it stores and updates the database.

AM Best

CTrax offers AM Best subscription to check insurer’s rating and autofill the information. CTrax will extract, store, and update COIs with over 90% accuracy and minimal input. CTrax also files and organizes all information into a user-friendly system. Users can quickly find any document through the global search bar, which will generate results based on any full or partial search. Users are freed from the process of having to manually track and manage COIs by allowing JDi Data’s automated system to do the work for them.