Gilbert Insurance Group has had a long standing presence in Gilbert, serving the valley as well as Arizona with a variety of insurance products and top quality service. The agency began as a direct writer representing a fortune 250 insurance company and thrived in that capacity for many years. Leading that company in production over several years and respected as a model agency was a great honor, but not enough to fulfill the vision of the agency. 

How Gilbert Insurance Group is Transforming the Risk Management Business: COI Tracking powered by JDi’s CTrax

One of the keys to good construction is attention to detail. Some of the best homebuilders in the world pride themselves on the small, unique finishes that make their homes stand out from any others. While this passion for perfection may be obvious in the construction of the property, it is not always so obvious when we look at how general contractors deal with risk management.

Gilbert Insurance Group, one of JDi’s leading industry partners, has specialized in risk management for the construction industry for over 19 years. In fact, they have worked with some of the biggest and most prestigious custom home builders in the country.

Over my 19 years in this industry, I have really seen it all,

Said Aaron Stauss, President of Gilbert Insurance.

The attention to detail for luxury home builders is always next level, but unfortunately, the administrative end is not. That is where we come in – we
specialize in transforming general contractors risk management strategy and specifically their COI tracking process.

One of the biggest challenges contractors face is optimizing their COI tracking process. A lack of consistency, knowledge, and time creates barriers that most general contractors do not have the resources to address.

That’s where Gilbert insurance comes in.

We designed a consultative approach specifically designed to help general contractors address the gaps in their COI tracking process,

Said Stauss,

They are experts in their field, and we are experts in ours. We go in at the ground level, providing a service and education on risk management. There is no one else in the industry that I am aware of who offers a service like ours.

Gilbert Insurance provides the ultimate solution for risk management, implementing JDi’s COI tracking solution CTrax.

Providing a full COI tracking and management service, Gilbert helps construction companies stay in compliance and substantially lower their risk of audit. We talked with Gilbert Insurance about the three largest benefits of using their risk management services.

You Save Money on Insurance.

When general contractors can prove that they have a solid process in place, owned by a legitimate insurance company, they can save substantial amounts on insurance premiums. If you are facing concerns from underwriters, a COI management program will give them more confidence in your overall risk management strategy. The less risk you are open to, the lower your overall insurance price. Beyond that, if your organization is able to prove that you are accurately tracking COIs through a third party, you are basically guaranteed a lower premium. Working with Gilbert, quite literally, pays for itself.

They Efficiently Manage Your Certificates.

Many organizations spend countless hours on manually tracking and engaging with certificates of insurance. Without the proper industry knowledge, tedious entries into an excel spreadsheet end in physical documents disappearing into a dark bin in the back corner of the office – never to be seen again. By implementing JDi’s COI tracking solution CTrax with Gilbert Insurance, your organization will have a centralized document storage system. The Gilbert team will be able to assist you with automated alerts, checking for non-compliant certificates, and renewals – all from one customized system. The CTrax system gives you the ability to customize your process and gives insight into more analytics and reporting than any builder software on the market.

You Receive Industry and Consulting Expertise.

Risk management is a fulltime concern. Without specific training or years of experience, it is nearly impossible to fully understand the ins and outs of the insurance industry. That is where partnership comes in.
Working with Gilbert Insurance you get access to over 20 years of industry experience. One of the services Gilbert offers is a gap analysis. The Gilbert team partners with your organization to reduce your exposure to potential litigation. For instance – certificates of insurance do not specify the exclusions in the policy. The Gilbert team can identify and interpret the language and endorsements that create gaps in your coverage and then make a plan to address them.

The depth of industry experience that Gilbert brings to the table allows them to know details on the background of every carrier in the market. Incredibly valuable information if you are looking to make a change.

JDi is proud to partner with Gilbert Insurance to provide an end-to-end insurance solution for general contractors. Our implementation team works closely with Gilbert to continually evolve and customize our COI tracking solutions for their specific needs. A recent update we partnered with Gilbert on was the addition of COI uploading directly from subcontractors.

Subs no longer need to send their COIs to the General Contractor – they can access CTrax independently to upload their certificates – reducing manual labor costs.

Revitalize your risk management strategy by partnering with Gilbert Insurance – powered by JDi’s CTrax. To learn more, click the link below to schedule your free 15 min consultation with Gilbert Insurance Group.