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This guide will briefly elaborate on managing different templates using our Certificate of Insurance Software. It is an easy, simple journey with a few steps to help you navigate our software successfully. You can try out our live demo here.

How to View/Modify Templates

Step 1: Choose the “Admin” Option

On the dashboard in the Admin section, you will find the “Templates” option. Click on “Admin” and then click on “Templates.” Select “Edit” to make any changes you want.

Edit templates

Step 2: Make Desired Changes

Make the desired changes to the templates you accessed.

Step 3: Save All Changes

Click on “Save.”

Save selected changes

How to View/Modify a Risk Template

Step 1: Select the “Risk Template”

On the dashboard of the selected project, click on “Risk template.”

Step 2: Fill Out Necessary Information

Fill out the risk template name. Add required coverages, select the necessary type of insurance, additional coverage requirements, and minimum liability limits.

Step 3: Save All Changes

Click on the “Save” option. The same steps are to add or edit a template.

Add Risk Template

How to Delete a Risk Template

Step 1: Select the Template

Once you have selected the dashboard template you seek to delete, choose that option from the right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Confirm your choice

Confirm your choice by clicking “Yes” on the pop-up widow.

Delete Risk Template

How to Add Templates From an External Tool

Step 1: Select the “Add a New Template”

On the templates page, go to the “Custom Notices” on the templates page and click “Add a New Template.”

"Add a New Template."

Step 2: Fill Out All Information

Fill out the display name, subject, and notice type in the marked fields.

Fill out display name, subject, and notice type

Step 3: Choose the “Source Code” Option

Click on the “Tools ” option to reach the “Source Code” option.

Step 4: Choose the “Source Code” Option

Click on the “Source Code” button.

Step 5: Add HTML Code

Add HTML code in the outlined area.

Step 6: Confirm Your Code

Confirm your HTML code by clicking “Ok.”

Step 7: Save All Changes

The last step is to save the template you just simply created.

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