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Customer Satisfaction plays a key role in the success of every business. That is why CTrax always tries its best to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and even exceed expectations. We always strive to improve our customers’ experience by designing tailormade services and solutions to meet their specific needs.

Unlike other organizations, we do not follow the “one-solution-for-all-approach” but instead you thrive on a customer-centric approach. By maintaining an elevated level of customer satisfaction, we not only keep our clients happy but also increasing our retention rate. 

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The challenge to give one school district hope

To give you a glimpse of how we ensure excellent customer satisfaction, we are showcasing a recent customer support request to fix a recognition problem because of a fake COI. This is an example how CTrax successfully solved a problem faced by our customers and how we go above and beyond expectation. 

What was the Problem faced by the Client?

ACORD 25, the standard for tracking liability insurance policies, also called an ACORD Certificate of Insurance, is a one-page document that serves as proof of liability insurance coverage. The Liability policies numbers, lines of business, coverages and expiration dates are listed by the insurer on the ACORD 25 Form. One of our K-12 school district clients was receiving certificates on a “Fake ACORD 25”. The issuer changed the Fake ACORD by introducing a 6th line to the official 5-line ACORD 25 form.

Our client informed us that the Ctrax OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Engine was unable to read that fake ACORD 25 form and digitize the content to our database.


Due to the inability of our OCR engine to process that form, the client had to manually review and correct the data transition from the paper certificate provided by our CTrax Software ( Needless to say, this extra manual work negated the convenience of having CTrax software and needed to be rectified immediately.

The Client asked for a modification to our CTrax Software so it could process the modified ACORD 25 Form.

How We Solved the Problem

After receiving the request from the client, the JDi team started collaborating with their vendor, Optical Character Recognition expert Artsyl to aid in the data digitalization. This collaboration resulted in a modification of the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool, which allowed it to read the modified ACORD 25 Form or any other document.

With this configuration, the client no longer needs to manually review and correct the data transition. That configuration enabled the software to successfully read coverages on a modified ACORD 25 form.


The client was extremely happy with our prompt response, efficient services, and problem-solving ability. That client has now become a doubly satisfied customer, and we have enhanced a solid business relationship with them. Through the referral of that client, we will get new clients and a higher retention rate. 

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Future Outcomes

That customer service activity has sent a clear message to our clients that we are their partners, and we can solve all their problems. By showing professionalism, we get many opportunities to assure our clients that they are in safe hands and are being treated specially.

That extra customer service empowers our approach towards a high level of customer satisfaction. The solution to the above problem has imparted a unique functionality in our OCR tool that sets us apart from our market competitors and helps us to keep our clients.

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