How to Create a Project Using CTrax

CTrax is a certificate of insurance tracking program that includes an optional management module to manage contract requirements, departmental collaboration, and document depository. CTrax has a framework to create a project, to find parameters required, to issue an RFP or solicitation, gather the certificate of insurance or other documents required to manage the entire project lifecycle.

 The importance of “General” tab is that the project manager can create and name a new project, add the scope of work in all other required fields. They can also include themselves as a project manager or contract administrator so they are notified whenever something happens in the project.

 CTrax project management includes Workflow and Waypoint management. Additionally, you can use the agency field to associate the project with the department division, or agency within your organization. Since CTrax is set to request automatic COI renewals using the estimated completion date and actual completion date allows CTrax to stop the automated email requests to the providers associated with a project once it is completed.

 Once the project is set up the project manager can then attach any compliance-related documentation to the project such as the scoop of work, the entire contract itself, or any other important information. A formal request will be filled out using the insurance requirements tab. You have the ability to set multiple risk factors for the contract that are related to the scope of work which will be included in the request for insurance when it is submitted to risk management.

 Once the project management saves and submits the insurance requirements, the risk department then gets notified of the request for insurance. They will then review the insurance requirements and documents relating to the scope of work to set the insurance requirements by either selecting a provider type of template or by manually selecting the insurance coverages required for the project. When the insurance requirements are set up the project manager or contract administrator will be notified via email that the insurance requirements have been set. They can then download a copy and formally send it out for bid.

 When the contract is awarded the project management can then attach a COI that was submitted and associated with the project. The COI will then be compared against the insurance requirements that were set up to see which of the providers were compliant or non-compliant. CTrax syncs with AM’s best interface to verify and ensure quality. Once the “Ctrax” is uploaded and the project starts CTrax tracks the expiration dates of coverages and will automatically send out an email request to the vendors and contractors for an updated COI.