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Welcome to our simple step-by-step guide on how to perform compliance using our software. Successful compliance is achieved through the Certificate of Insurance tracking SaaS solution. The software is created to be fully autonomous and user-friendly while reducing manual processes. Being user-friendly also means that you do not need advanced IT expertise. One of our software’s essential features is to ease the overall compliance process and keep track of all necessary details to avoid further problems. Besides this, our software handles other COI processes such as filing and management. 

How to perform compliance:

Step1 :

Open the dashboard of CTrax software, and on the left taskbar, select the “Compliance” tab. 

Step 2:

You can use available filters for: 

  1. Processing Status = Pending Compliance and 
  2. File Processing = No. 

Steps 1,2,3 of guide to perform compliance in CTrax software

Step 3:

To continue the process, use the “Search” option marked in green on the left side of your screen to find the item you want to perform compliance.

Step 4:

Below the search bar, you will find all projects. Open the request you want to perform compliance. 

Step 5:

Further on, click on the first coverage tab.

Add coverages

Step 6

After selecting the tab, click “Add coverages” to retrieve the received coverages.

Step 7:

Select the required coverage you want to proceed with.

Step 8:

Click on the “Add” button at the bottom of the page.


Click on the "Add" button

Step 9:

Once the coverage is loaded, click on “files” to view the PDF  file. Revise the coverage received with the coverage requested. 

View PDF

Step 10: 

Click on “approve” and write any comments if necessary.

Approve coverages



How to perform compliance with exemptions

Step 1:

Follow the same steps for compliance up to step 10.

Step 2:

Click on exceptions to expand the system findings.

Performance compliance request

Step 3:

A message box will be open where the exceptions can be reviewed.

Step 4:

Click “add exceptions” if you wish to add custom exceptions.



Step 4 1

Step 5:

Once the exceptions are added, click on “send compliance email.”

Send compliance email

Step 6:

Verify the email template and preview the email.

Email templateVerification email

Step 7:

Click “send” to send a notice to the insured. 

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