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The Right Tools for Tracking Your Certificates of Insurance

Tracking your Certificates of Insurance should already be part of your business’ standard operating procedures, but how do you know which system to use? Not all systems are created equal. The best COI tracking systems allow for automation, customization, and searchability all while increasing your ROI and mitigating your risks.

Gone are the days of storing your documents in a filing cabinet or using inefficient spreadsheets to manually track detailed information. Top ranking executives track their company’s certificates of insurance with software designed with simplicity in mind. While there are many reasons to use an effective SaaS system to track your documents, we will showcase our top three reasons here. 

Efficiency and Organization

When choosing a system to use to track your documents, it is important that the way your documents are uploaded, stored, and organized eliminates administrative burdens. Your team should be efficient with their time and frustrations and confusion should be minimal, if your documents are organized correctly.

Technology that allows for efficiency are:

  1. Batch uploading of documents
  2. Fully automated Optical Character Recognition
  3. Fully customizable profile templates


How to track your certificates! Infographics

At any given time, you should be able to retrieve information from any one of your vendor’s documents on file. A system that allows for the greatest options for an organization will be the system with the most usability.

The need for an organization revolves around:

  1. Searchability within all fields
  2. Greater capabilities for document management (more than just COIs)
  3. Tagging for greater segmentation of documents
  4. Organizing by project



Human errors happen in manual tracking, they just do. An automated system removes the likelihood of error because the software does what it is asked to do. Nothing more, nothing less. With a fully automated system like CTrax, risk profiles are completely customizable with just a few clicks of a button.

Once a profile is set up to your specifications, vendors will be added and any inefficiencies will be flagged, followed by communication sent directly to the vendor from the software, to remedy the error. No human interaction is required.

Keep track of your Certificates of insurance.

Risk Mitigation

When errors occur in tracking documents your risk increases. A fully automated system knows when an error or omission to a document has occurred based on the profile set up in the beginning. The software will also know when a policy is set to expire and will automatically contact the vendor.

Companies that want to be risk-averse will want to see the additionally insured endorsement uploaded, tagged, and filed correctly within the software system. 

Do you have the right tools in place?

Knowing how to track your Certificates of Insurance is easy when using software designed specifically for that task. Searching your documents for the information needed does not have to be complicated when you use a system that is automated, customizable, and searchable. Researching the tools which provide these three aspects listed above will put you well on the way to success in tracking your COIs the right way.

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