CTrax – Certificate Of Insurance Management Software

CTrax – Certificate of Insurance Management Software

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CTrax in the cloud, the most efficient way to manage certificates of insurance. Eliminate data entry. CTrax reads the Accord 25 COI, upload a single document or batch process your current

Data entry is a thing of the past.

Create your provider and producer file without touching the keyboard. Easily verify the accuracy with a side-by-side comparison.

Okay, we are on a roll, hundreds of documents uploaded in just a few hours. Search them with Google type search. Renewals are a breeze and requested automatically by date ranges.

Let’s manage those new certificate requests.

Choose the coverages required and send email requests. Show the exceptions functionality and how to manage correctly through verification or re-submit to provider for updated document or certificate. For example wavier of subrogation, AI endorsement, etc.

CTrax offers provider-type templates to make COI requests effortless.

Are most of your clients in the transportation industry?

Make a template for a one-button request of all coverages required. If provider-type coverages are updated, renewals will be based on updated requests.

White man in jeans and blue shirt carraing carboard box under his arm, next to white wan with drivers door opened, holding tablet in hand, trying to manage his deliveries.

Are your providers related to a contract or a project, one project provider, or many?

  • Group them together
  • Manage the project
  • Upon completion, automatic renewals will cease.

Are you a public entity or a large corporate client with multiple divisions?

CTrax can separate them for you and even provide restricted access.

CTrax is a cloud-based subscription offering Pay by Certificate Upload with no minimum requirement.

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Do not have qualified personnel to manage this?

Use our enterprise shared services to help you. It is in the cloud, no maintenance, no IT involvement, and no technology management required.