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The work week is a hectic time that’s filled with an endless amount of tasks that are soon over before anyone realizes it has even begun. During this crazy time, the most important thing is to make sure that a person gets all of their work finished with accurate results in a timely fashion.  But sometimes there’s just too much going on, and an individual may find it difficult to complete all of their objectives before the week ends.  After all, we are only human, and mistakes happen.

This is why JDi Data developed the CTrax Certificate of Insurance tracking, to help make work lives easier, more proficient, and increase company productivity.

How Does CTrax Use OCR?

OCR is the newest state-of-the-art scanning technology to hit the market in years and is quietly becoming a game-changer in the ways that a business accomplishes redundant simple tasks.  The technology automatically captures all certificate information during the upload process, transfers it to vendor profiles, and subsequently uses that information to establish automated alerts.  All the user has to do is upload the document into the solution and CTrax will do the rest.

CTrax is user-friendly and extremely easy to use, so that employees can begin using the system immediately after registering with the program.  The process is simple, users upload their COI form (and any relevant supporting documentation) into the database.

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Once the information has been uploaded, CTrax pulls the text from the documents and stores the necessary information into its alert base so that the system can begin to automatically keep track and manage the status of COIs.  This includes sending out the automated request/update emails (with all of the necessary information) through preconfigured templates.  The program capably completes all of the necessary work associated with Certificates of Insurance and entirely relieves the user of any manual intervention.

JDi Data’s revolutionary new system captures and keeps track of all necessary data in a supervised environment that drastically reduces the chance of error and efficiently mitigates risk. The OCR process has been proven 100% accurate and is shown to decrease labor costs by up to 90%.

Additionally, it removes the necessity for a paper filing system and lowers the cost of utilities by eliminating the need for office supplies and postage. Ensuring that your company can finally go green.

In all, CTrax will not just streamline the COI tracking process, but will also provide a substantial return on investment that cannot be ignored.  Stop doing work like a caveman and start automating your processes today with CTrax.

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