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How the Port of Corpus Christi Authority Achieved 100% Compliance by partnering with JDi Data

JDi’s CTrax proved to be the optimal tool to help POCCA centralize its risk management system.

The Port of Corpus Christi partnered with JDi Data, a leading provider of Insurance software solutions, to implement the COI tracking solution CTrax. POCCA discovered JDi when actively searching for a solution to centralize and manage their COI tracking process.

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The Port of Corpus Christi’s exposure to risk is inherently high. The Port is not only responsible for leasing property for construction purposes but also ensures cock structures and multiple buildings along with their contents. Essentially, the entire port infrastructure needs to be insured through both liability insurance and workers’ compensation claims. The high demands in the risk management department caused a  cascade of physical documentation. When the department assumed responsibility for this function, COI tracking was already taxing and falling short  – almost an entire year behind on reviewing and filing COIs. All certificates were tracked on an excel spreadsheet and involved hours of manual data entry.

“I knew something had to change,” said Donna James-Spruce, Director of Risk Management, “My goal was to find and implement a specialized system that kept us incredibly compliant, specifically through excellent reporting capabilities.”

After selecting CTrax as their solution, the POCCA team worked with the JDi implementation team to get all of their physical COIs entered into the system. One of the biggest challenges the team faced was making sure the system was set up to track organizations that were self-insured. After an assessment of their system through detailed reporting, Spruce noticed that the self-insured organization was bringing down its compliance rate.

“The reporting is hands down the most important feature CTrax offers,” said Spruce, “The numbers tell a story. Without those numbers, I don’t know where to put my focus. What is driving this number – where is it coming from? Let’s drill down on that. The reporting was a huge part of how we increased our compliance by over 20%.”

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Working closely with the JDi, POCCA developed a CTrax supported process to capture self-insured organizations.  The team then started intensely monitoring data entry errors and fine-tuned the entire tracking process using CTrax. The POCCA team used CTrax to track all their complex contracts or insurance policies, especially those with amendments extending terms. Each contract was individually connected with the expiration date allowing for internal and external automatic email alerts.

“Client Services at JDi made all the difference – they were fast, honest, affordable and gave us the bandwidth of three additional people. Their collaborative and education-forward culture really made this the ideal experience,” said Spruce.

Through hard work and system/process optimization, POCCA was able to get and maintain a compliance rate of 100% – a truly impressive feat.

“We feel so proud to be part of the Port of Corpus Christi’s success,” said Michael Del Fierro, National Accounts Executive, “Donna and her team worked extremely hard and we were honored to be able to equip them with the right tools to get the job done.”

Since the first product launch in 1996, JDi Data has developed innovative solutions for professionals within the insurance, risk, and legal communities. Today, we continue to disrupt the marketplace with configurable and cost-saving products that address the most challenging technological needs of our clients. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, our team of specialists is dedicated to providing clients with the most innovative solutions and customer-centric support in the market.

To learn more about CTrax or to schedule a demo, please use the Contact Us form below.

We look forward to helping your organization reach the same achievement!

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