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How Does Ctrax Increase Productivity?

CTrax increases productivity by allowing employees to spend less time on managing Certificates of Insurance and more on mitigating risk. It was built to be simple and effective, ensuring that users have absolute control for instantly viewing all of their insurance information.

Typically, tracking COIs can cost a company numerous hours each week, draining resources, and lowering output. Fortunately, JDi Data developed an easy solution for this issue by establishing a platform that permits risk professionals to efficiently upload and access all relevant COI data. Meaning, our software effectively lowers operating costs for clients of all sizes, while simultaneously delivering returns on investments.

Automate COI Tracking

Optical Character Recognition

One of CTrax’s premiere features is its Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR), which reads uploaded documents rather than scanning them. In doing so, CTrax is able to accurately recognize which fields are blank and what needs to be updated. This enables the software to take charge of COIs and auto-populate the fields as necessary.

Additionally, CTrax allows the user to group certificates according to their individualistic needs e.g., project type, provider, and line of business. This permits companies to easily access multiple Certificates of Insurance according to vendor types, industries serviced, or types of coverage required.  Granting the user the ability to immediately find any information that they need, reducing hours of work into mere minutes.

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