Sebring Airport Authority

Sebring Airport Authority’s rich history in training pilots and combat crews began in 1940. Today, the entire airport facility consists of 2000 acres with the inclusion of a commerce park and the Sebring International Raceway. With so many tenants and vendors moving in and around the airport grounds, the need to have a system in place to track insurance documents was paramount to Bevery Glarner, Executive Assistant of the airport.

 Not only does the organization keep track of liability insurance, but they also keep track of worker’s compensation and automobile insurance for their tenants and any vendor that works at the airport.


When researching how to move into automation, Beverly knew that she needed to find a program to help track and organize all the different Certificates of Insurance that her organization required. The more she investigated the CTrax solution, the more she became interested in its capabilities. After a demo, she knew that it was going to be the way to go for her team and her organization.


“There is a lot of work up front, but once you have it set up, it’s phenomenal. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has more than 25-30 people (to keep up with). We have hundreds and hundreds. It is a very useful tool,” says Beverly.


Before the airport signed on with CTrax, each certificate was obtained from a tenant or vendor, scanned and placed in a vendor file on the computer as well as into a paper file. As is the case with manual tracking, mistakes were made and files were incomplete or not kept up to date. Insurance documents lapsed and were not renewed. The information was kept on site, so working remotely was not possible and neither was the ability of having real-time knowledge of all documents at a moment’s notice. In order to remain on top of everything, Beverly often found herself doing a lot of the work, so that she knew it was done correctly.


“Everything is digitized at our airport and it was difficult to flip through a book of insurance to find someone’s information. The Executive Director is thrilled that he can go into the program and find out (information) himself before we let someone work on a piece of equipment or on-site. It makes him more efficient and saves all of us time. Time is very precious when you’re wearing different hats. You don’t have time to look up something on paper.”


With the CTrax system, she is now confident in having her staff stay on top of all the certificates because she knows that through automation, there is more accuracy, and the tasks take less time – and time is money.