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JDi Data Transforms COI Tracking Process for Towson University.

JDi Data Partners with Towson University to Revitalize their Certificate of Insurance Tracking Process by implementing CTrax Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Towson University, a public university in Towson, Maryland, partnered with JDi Data, a leading provider of Insurance Tracking solutions, to implement the COI tracking solution CTrax. Towson University connected with JDi due to audit concerns, and to reduce the level of risk inherit to their manual COI tracking process.

Towson University’s COI tracking process required employees to manually scan every certificate of insurance, and sometimes resulted in inaccurate and/or missing COIs.

We needed to refine our compliance strategy,

said Robert Zengel, the Associate Director of Procurement at Towson

My team was individually spending up to 10 hours per week to track and manage our 300 active COIs, including
new requests each day. We needed a change to better meet the university’s recommended insurance requirements.

Michael Del Fierro, National Accounts Executive, recognized an opportunity to introduce CTrax as the ideal solution and
started a relationship with Towson University.

CTrax is a great tool to help universities alleviate manual processes, physical paper, and the risk of being non-compliant. Towson was the perfect candidate for CTrax because they needed a centralized COI documentation system that would keep them audit proof.

The first step in JDi’s process was to meet with Towson University to align their internal processes with the proper CTrax
functionality. They received all COI’s through the mail and without a functional system, they were receiving fifteen-year-old
COI’s that were no longer necessary to file.

We needed to stop the clutter of receiving automated COIs for expired projects,

said Zengel.

With CTrax we have complete control over our compliance risk – we know where to find every single COI
whenever we need them. It really is a game changing solution.

After a year-long process of uploading every COI into CTrax’s system, Towson can now use it to track each certificate by project, instead of by the insured. There is no audit risk – the system
was even customized to send internal reminders to staff about upcoming renewals. Through the implementation of CTrax, renewal emails are now automatically sent out to the up to date distribution list.

Towson University continues to be a dedicated partner with JDi Data, even providing valuable feedback on how to continue to
develop the solution.

We have a direct line of communication to the developers – when we mention a feature we want to see,
it’s there! Sometimes only three days later! It is part of benefit of working with a boutique company like JDi – they really listen
to their customers.

Since the first product launch in 1996, JDi Data has developed innovative solutions for professionals within the insurance, risk,
and legal communities. Today, we continue to disrupt the marketplace with configurable and cost saving products that address
the most challenging technological needs of our clients. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida,our team of specialist share
dedicated to providing clients with the most innovative solutions and customer centric support in the market.