Transform the Way You DO Business with Ctrax

Oh look, it’s CERTii, he’s here to talk to us about CIO tracking. How are you handling risk transfer?

CTrax is designed to automate your certificate of the insurance tracking process. To manage your risk with no stress. The CTrax software virtually eliminates the need for manual intervention which can become a costly effort. In fact, it costs about $10’000 to process only 250 certificates.

  • CTrax can save you up to 80%. 

Certificate of insurance software streamlines operation processes by increasing productivity and enhancing the efficiency of your workflow.

The beauty of CTrax system is having a simple and efficient idea. You won’t need a third party to supervise compliance. Your employees can now spend their time actually growing your business and enhancing productivity and CTrax is in the cloud providing hence security for all of your data. CTrax can transform how you do business. The JDi team has award-winning customer service. We are dedicated to ensuring your success with CTrax.

Make sure to connect with us today to schedule your free trial. We look forward to working with you.