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The process of delivery sounds like an easy process: your order gets packed, and the delivery guy picks it up and delivers it to you. Simple, right? Well, actually, there is more than meets the eye.

What if your order or one of your valuables is damaged in transit? Who is liable for that? How are you going to ensure that you get an undamaged package?

Why Should You Get an Active Insurance Policy?

Every delivery and transportation business needs an active insurance policy to protect all things that are involved in a transportation-delivery scenario. You might wonder why a seemingly simple process has to be made so complicated, but it’s a very common practice in this industry.

Imagine you are moving larger objects into or out of a building and maybe the building’s elevator gets damaged or a tenant might get hurt? Well, someone has to be held liable for those damages, and this is where the policy comes into action.

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Possession of a COI simply means that your movers or the company providing you their services within the premises had an insurance policy at some point in the past that covered some of their non-negligent business operations. Yes, a COI is simply proof that the vendor or the carrier had adequate insurance coverage.

This is where a COI tracker, aka a Certificate of Insurance tracking system, comes kicks into action, it makes sure it is still valid, paid, and that coverages have not changed.

The Most Important Things to Know About COI for Delivery Industry

There are a couple of important things that should be stated on the COI:

  1. Coverage: this should state the required minimum general liability.
  2. Location: actual delivery address with receiver’s name
  3. Additional Certificate Holder: the party that is covered


The most important thing about delivery industry

Having an insurance policy is very important in the transportation-delivery industry.  In some cases, companies may not proceed with their planned transportation or delivery service or needs when someone fails to complete insurance policy payments in a timely manner.

Possible Uncomfortable Situations

Many property owners and even government entities won’t let any transportation or delivery step on their premises until they can provide them with a COI. This is because they want to make sure that if damage occurs, they and their property are protected from any liability or at least be able to provide the insurance company that they did their due diligence and did obtain a COI from their vendor.


A more uncomfortable situation is when the delivery cannot be made because you are not able to uphold a COI that the company or the landlord requires (mostly for long-term contracts).

Failure to manage large amounts of certificates can be because by various causes but most of them can be ruled out by having a COI tracking solution that keeps track of your COIs and helps you operate a headache-free transportation-delivery small business and most definitely in the case of a large company like UPS.

If you decide to opt for a COI tracking software option CTrax is most likely the best solution out there! We can track ANY amount of COIs!

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