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How can technology recognizing text in a digital image help you?

Did you know in Google, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or any other internet browser, you can press ctrl +F and open a search bar that allows you to search the page for any word or phrase you are looking for? This “find” feature uses basic OCR technology to find the words included anywhere on the page.

What is OCR really?

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology is a process by which we can use technology to extract data from printed or written scanned documents or files. A document is scanned into a tool that converts the text to an electronic version that allows that data to be edited, reviewed, or searched.

The technical aspect of the scanner is it translates an image into pixel words for the computer to read (also known as bitmaps). The bitmap of each character pattern is checked against the computer language that the machine recognizes, and the closest character pattern is what the machine chooses. The speed at which a computer can transport this is mere moments, giving the user a fast and simple process.

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How can OCR help me in my business? 

Once a document is scanned to the electronic version, the possibilities are endless. Let’s say you have a 50-page document that you need to search for each occurrence where the word “liability” appears. The OCR technology allows that entire document to be quickly scanned and searched for that exact word.

It reduces the time it would take to read the entire document looking for that specific incident of the word. Now you can focus on the exact area of the document that includes what you need to verify. From documents, certificates, forms, logs, and reports, you now can save time to collect, share, use data and focus on what truly matters.  

How does OCR help your business

Where can I see the most benefits of OCR in the technology in my marketplace?

The OCR process allows you to reduce costs, minimize errors, increase productivity, etc. If you can scan the document with OCR technology, you have the ability to import or export that data into purchase orders, insurance forms, and any possible document you must spend precious time reentering that data over and over again. You now can streamline every aspect of your organization.  

What are the disadvantages of OCR? 

Currently, the technology is new enough that the system will still make mistakes. The management of JDi Data and CTrax is determined to give the highest possible accuracy when scanning the Acord 25 form and other forms similar. Within our company, we use human verification to catch mistakes that may have happened along the way, thus making sure that every form is of the highest quality possible.

Handwritten text is still difficult for the OCR to review. Many handwritten items are difficult for the OCR to accurately read to transport the data into documents, which is where the necessity for manual verification comes in. The more the program is used, the better it can learn and make fewer mistakes are made. 

What are the disadvantages of OCR

How does this apply to what we’re doing?

JDi Data values the importance of technology being functional for its users. With a dedicated team, we’re committed to giving the customer exactly what they need. Interaction has never been so vital, and our company hopes to provide an easy-to-use interface and an even easier customer service system.

Using the OCR technology, CTrax can scan the documents in the depository, find a search word in multiple locations and drill down to each location within the document to clearly associate the search word with surrounding verbiage. This is a huge help when the field label is not the actual target of the search but the related data is the information you are looking for. 

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