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CTrax is a cloud-based, digital filing system that provides more control over your COIs and related documents by reducing your time and energy commitment. It allows you to access essential COIs, amendments, and endorsements anytime, anywhere. It is like your own digital filling cabinet, only better and faster.

The system’s initial configuration fits your every need and is fully customizable for those special requirements. Reduce the time you want to dedicate to COI management! There are two important options you can choose from. 

DIY (Do It Yourself), where you can manage your COIs in the cloud filling cabinet with just a little help from CTrax, or Full-Service plus, where you let CTrax support team do everything for you, from spot-checking compliance to notification of cancellations and renewals. 

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The Future of COI Operations

CTrax is a feature-rich program, which makes it highly user-friendly. It can help you automate your certificate requests, collection, and compliance resolution. It offers your team a single, centralized repository to review compliance.

This fully functional digital filing system has several important features that make COI risk transfer more manageable.

Autonomous Data Entry

CTrax has a unique feature that helps scan all physical documents and transfer them into digital forms and cabinets. The quality is called Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which is a special technology that converts images into text.

Scanning COI data transfers them into a digital COI library, where they are safely stored and easily accessible.

But the fundamental importance of this feature is that it minimizes the possibility of human error, which often occurs when transferring physical into digital data. The slipped number here and missed letter there can make a difference. 

The chances of that happening with CTrax are almost totally eliminated as we have 99.5% accuracy. Mistakes can happen only if the original COI contains errors, but thankfully we have humans overseeing our digital transfer processes by supplying years of experience and expertise.

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Cloud-Based Library

CTrax has a particular cloud-based library that helps you store your COIs safely. But not only that, it allows you to access them anytime and anywhere. That makes business much easier because you will not have to manually search drawers, looking for papers you are not even sure are there.

With CTrax Document library, you can access your COIs from anywhere without losing time or energy on finding the ones you need.

Automated Renewals

CTrax also has another significant feature. Sometimes, you get lost in your work, time slips by, and before you notice, your COIs have expired. That can cause problems with business flow and even harm your corporate position if you are not careful.

Luckily, CTrax has you covered. With the automated renewals feature, the system will warn you about any expiring COIs. And it will do it days in advance, so you will renew COIs before the expiration date.

Also, you will not have to request renewals manually because CTrax will do it for you. The automated renewals feature not only notifies you about expiring COIs but also makes fully electronic renewal requests. Never miss what is going on, and do not suffer the consequences of a faulty renewal process because CTrax automatically sends renewal requests as policies expire.

Your Digital Filling Cabinet But Better

Tomorrow’s Solution, Today

JDi Data has over 25 years of experience in making your life easier by implementing practical solutions for problems that might come up. It is because we know you have better ways of spending your time and energy than double or even triple checking insurance compliance, which is why we came up with the automated COI management system – CTrax.

With CTrax, you can eliminate human errors and make your workflow more fluent and efficient without wasting time, energy, and money.

COI management does not have to be a nightmare, and you do not have to keep being a dinosaur. Evolve and automate your processes. Let CTrax help you make the digital transition smooth and painless.

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